The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L
The Betty Bed L

The Betty Bed L

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ORTHOPAEDIC DOG BED, designed for exceptional orthopaedic support and to alleviate pressure on your dog’s joints. Helping your dog sleep better.

Bed Size:L 120x95x17cm (48”x38”x7”)
Bed Cover Colour:Neutral Light Grey

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📦 DELIVERED in 2 to 3 working days.
🏅 QUALITY GUARANTEED. Warranty on any manufacturing defects.

What are the benefits for your dog:

2 Layers of Orthopaedic Memory Foam, designed for exceptional orthopaedic support, alleviating on pressure points, ensuring your dog’s best sleep.

High Density Memory Foam together with the Waterproof Lining prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces the risk of allergens and dust mites.
Perfect for those with sensitive skin and allergies. 

This popular feature set us apart - your dog will love this soft and comfy pillow made from Memory Foam.

Your dog deserves nothing less than his own memory foam pillow. 

The top of the mattress is infused with cooling gel, this allows your dog to change position comfortably and thermo regulate your dog’s temperature by dissipating heat away from the sleeping surface.

This topper conforms to your pets body making it easy for your pet to stand up from a resting position.

Microsuede cover is designed to withstand rubbing, digging & nesting from the most enthusiastic dog.

Dogs love snuggling against the headrest to satisfy their instinct for comfort and protection. 
Your dog will feel protected and safe in their own little space.

A freshly washed spare cover may help your dog sleep better.

Designed to be an indispensable time saver that benefits busy dog parents. 

Easily pop-out the middle mattress,unzip and machine wash the cover to eliminate dirt and odours - The internal foam features a water-resistant liner, which can be easily wiped clean.

All beds come fitted with Waterproof Liner Kit on the foam components - protects the bed from any accidents.

Evenly distributes your dog’s weight, alleviating spinal pressure and conforming to your dog’s back for a proper sleeping posture. Spine misalignment can cause pain and affect a dog’s quality of life.

Keeps the bed in place and ensures stability.
Reduces slip protecting joints and preventing from accidents and injuries. Fundamental feature for dogs who suffer from joint pain.

The most reliable zipper. Durable and long lasting. Safely hidden away from your pup.

Dense fabric weave won't trap fur.

The bed comes compressed and vacum sealed. Just unbox and the bed will expand, your dog can use it straight away.

Measure your dog from nose to base of tail. If you need help with finding the best size for your breed of dog, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will assist you as soon as possible.

- Size XS (MINI)
External dimensions: 55x55x12.5cm (22”x22”x5”)
Internal dimensions: 37x37x7cm (14.5”x14.5”x3”)
XS is suitable for dogs less than 37cm (14.5”) from nose to base of tail

- Size S
External dimensions: 80x65x14.5cm (32”x26”x6”)
Internal dimensions: 56x42x7cm (22”x17”x3”)
S is suitable for dogs less than 56cm (22”) from nose to base of tail

- Size M
External dimensions: 100x80x17cm (40”x32”x7”)
Internal dimensions: 70x52x10cm (28”x21”x4”)
M is suitable for dogs less than 70cm (28”) from nose to base of tail

- Size L
External dimensions: 120x95x17cm (48”x38”x7”)
Internal dimensions: 90x65x10cm (36”x26”x4”)
L is suitable for dogs less than 90cm (36”) from nose to base of tail

Designed with love, to be safe and comfortable for your dog, but also to look stylish in your home, so you won’t need to hide your dog’s bed when you have visits.

Warranty on any manufacturing defects.
If you receive an item with a defect, please email us at within 7 days from the date you receive your item and we will happily replace the item or provide you with a refund.

- Standard Bed Cover
Remove and hand wash or put it in the washing machine at low temperature with mild detergent. Air dry inside out. Do NOT tumble dry.

- Waterproof Liners
Wipe down or use soapy water.

- High Density Memory Foam
Do NOT wash the foam inserts as they are protected by the waterproof liners. Wipe down with warm water and mild detergent. Leave in a dry place and make sure the moisture is out before re-assembling the bed.

The Betty Bed is everything a soft bed isn’t, and everything every orthopaedic bed wants to be.