Orthopedic beds to help dogs sleep better

It's how it helps YOUR DOG that matter

Disappointed with the poor quality of the Soft Beds available in the market, I decided to make a Luxurious Orthopedic Bed to help dogs sleep better.
THE BETTY BED” gives orthopedic support, prevents the growth of bacteria and has removable covers to help you keep your dog’s bed clean & hygienic.

You can’t sleep well in this weather?

Shop our covers and Add Value to your bed

Personalize your dog’s bed to their specific needs, and keep their bed always clean & hygienic.

If you like handsfree walks this bundle is for you

Rope Leash

Real experiences shared by our customers

Bichon Frise : S Size Bed

“OMG Jubi really loves it!!! Thank you!!! Is such a good buy I swear!!!” Joscelyn

Singapore Special : M Size Bed

“I look at her sleeping on it everyday and I tell my husband it’s the best decision we made cos she’s so comfy” Denise

Japanese Spitz : M Size Bed

“The Bed is magic! She has been overstimulated and cannot settle, opened the bed and she went to KO. Like immediately” Vivien

Poodle : S Size Bed

“Cooling Cooling and she love it so much” Doris

Mini Poodle : S Size Bed

“I like the (slip-on) cooling cover, very convenient for me. The other bed that I have is a little troublesome” Xin

Corgi : S Size Bed

“She really love it. Thanks for making this cover” Kayla

Maltipoo : M Size Bed

“Love it!!!” Kelly

Cat : S Size Bed

“Thanks for creating such a great product” Apple

Poodle : S Size Bed

“Look who is already making herself comfortable” Vivian

Bichon : S Size Bed

“Usually he will be up when I sit up in the bed…but now…I gota go to him…to get him up!” Eunice

M Size Bed

“She ❤️ the bed” Shin

Cavapoo : M Size Bed

Singapore Special : M Size Bed

“It’s a well deserved upgrade from his 4 years old bed” Esther

2x Chihuahua : S Size Bed

Collie Mix : M Size Bed

”She is very happy!
Definitely value for money & a huge upgrade from Reumi’s Taobao bed” Cassandra

Singapore Special : M Size Bed

Biewer Tierrer : S Size Bed

Pomenarian : XS Size Bed

“XS just nice for poms” Michelle

Bichon Frise and Bichon Maltese : S Size Bed

“So cute cannot resist, brightens up anyone’s day” Melissa