Orthopaedic beds to help dogs sleep better

It's how it helps YOUR DOG that matter

Disappointed with the poor quality of the Soft Beds available in the market, I decided to make a Luxurious Orthopaedic Bed to help dogs sleep better.
THE BETTY BED” gives orthopaedic support, prevents the growth of bacteria and has removable covers to help you keep your dog’s bed clean & hygienic.

The Betty Bed is everything a soft bed isn’t, and everything every orthopaedic bed wants to be.

Finally, a dog bed with Washable Covers

Customise your dog’s bed to their specific needs, and keep their bed always clean & hygienic. A freshly washed spare cover may help your dog sleep better.

If you like handsfree walks this bundle is for you

Rope Leash

Created by you

Customise and create something unique for you and your dog.

Biothane Leash