Helping Dogs Sleep Better

Hi, I’m Robyn, dog mom to Betty and the founder of Kauda.

Being a dog mom is deeply personal, because it is not about achieving something. It’s about giving your pup as much as you can and getting joy in return. For me, it’s humbling, it’s hard, it’s exhausting, but it’s the most incredible experience I’ve ever hard. It has opened a new dimension for me.

Long story short, I was disappointed with those Soft Beds available in the market.
Soft beds don’t offer any kind of joint support, are more likely to harbour dust mites, and don’t have removable covers, therefore not easy to keep clean & hygienic.

I didn’t want my dog to sleep on a bed that would eventually cause health issues, so what would the ideal dog bed be?

I wanted my dog to sleep on a bed that: 

  • Protects and cushions her joints, improving her overall health,
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and dust mites,
  • Provides neck support like a pillow,
  • Provides a safe enclosed space,
  • It’s easy to keep clean & hygienic.

Of course, it also had to look good and match with different ID styles.

Big ask, but there I went to create “The Betty Bed”.

— Robyn